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I have failed to learn anything at all in the past few years so it's time to look into alternatives to self teaching. As I look over my gallery I realize that there still  
isn't anything there I'm not completely ashamed of. The work is objectively bad that is all there is to it.

I'm currently searching for a new art community because, I'm not getting anything out of deivantart. Too many people want to just compliment work and some complain when I  
express my opinion on my own work. I really don't want to be around people who like the current work in my gallery.
Deivantart is not geared towards improving or getting critiques. Looking at the critiques section of this site reinforces the idea that I really need to find somewhere else.  
unfortunately I'm having quiet a bit of trouble  with actually finding anywhere that would be willing to actually accept my work but, at the same time would criticize it  
harshly. would be the place to go except people around my skill level are merely tolerated (at most) and are told to go practice. Unfortunately practicing isn't helping.
Their "Level Up" section doesn't seem like it's worth the money at all. From what I've seen it's just a quick series of instructions with little to no feed back. The actual  
art forum seems like it's mostly dead these days and I really don't think that posting a sketchbook thread would get any attention (again due to my low skill level).

Crimson Daggers looks alright but, they might be a little too afraid to give harsh critiques that I really need. Also not sure how they'd react to the idea that I've been  
through the majority of commonly recommended resources.

Scyra's forums looks far too nice. I'm not seeing too much real critique going on there as much as I am seeing compliments. His "Study Buddies" mentions people teaching each  
other. I have nothing to teach so it would be pointless for me to go there.

Pencil Jacks doesn't look like it would help me. No one there near my skill level at all. It has an inactive challenge forum. Too bad because it says "you will be insulted"  
sounds perfect for me.

I can't think of anywhere else to go at the moment. Any ideas on where people would really dislike the work in my gallery and would help me learn to get and actually learn how to draw?

In real life I live in a fairly large city and there are many, many museums but, none of them contain anything I'm interested in and it seems impossible to find any real  
community for illustrators. All of the classes from the various colleges seem to be the easy A sort and none of the instructors are willing critique work. Where else can i go  
to learn how to draw? So far I've been through pretty much all of the popular books ( ) and videos ( ) and yet I have failed to  
learn anything on my own.

I've been looking into online courses and I have found a lot of them but, no real opinions on them. I find testimonials that remind me of the before and after drawings in  the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Unfortunately my drawings still look like the before side even after having been through the book twice.
has online courses but, are they any good? If so are they just there for people who already know how to draw? Even the most basic course looks far too advanced for me and it  
looks like most students are expected to be extremely fast learners. This is just judging from the preview videos. One of the instructors claims that people have taken one 3  
hour class and they've learned more than 4 years at a single university. Somehow I'm suspicious of this.
The instructor in the preview videos recommends "The Art Spirit" no idea how good the book is either.
They claim  "We have just started a BEGINNER BOOT CAMP- that we highly recommend for the true newbie!" but, I have no real way of knowing what the course content is. With that being said I have not a single clue as to how effective these courses are.

"The Art Department" no longer exists as far as classes go. I have no idea if they were effective or not but, it doesn't matter anymore since they are unable (or unwilling) to offer courses.

I'm looking for first hand experiences not blind recommendations. I really need an online art course geared towards someone who can't learn on their own.

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FatherLuna Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello I saw you were having some issues but I'll give you the advice someone gave me, and some of my own.  :)
I would recommend
Figure Drawing For All It's Worth…
I've also compiled many books here!
From looking over your art I find that you are improving bit by bit.
The best way to improve is to simply draw.
Don't copy or use lines over and over.
The best way to get better over all is to take a work and complete it no matter how bad it looks.
If I need to be harsh, I'll be harsh.
I'm no expert but I've been studying art for about 9 (I'm slow on improvement) years now.
I've went from 
alucard hellsing by kitten48484 DCB Victorian -Old- by LeaderLuna
Through Fire by FatherLuna  
all on my own.
First I'll need a few key things:
1. How long do you spend on each piece?
2. What are your usual steps?
3. What do you like to draw?
4. What are you current goals?
First I would say that you need to accept positive-ness no matter how useless.
Even if Negative helps you more, you take each check-mark as a step on your path.
I hate all of my works as well, and I am looking for serious review as well, but it will all come in time.
So here's the harshness.
Yes. You're work is bad, but all people start out bad.
You are concentrating too much on little things. on fixing things.
Take something you like, it can be anything in the world.
Or take a picture or an artwork you really like.
Now I want you to draw what ever is the main focus of that image.
Just sketch it.
It doesn't matter if it looks like a kindergartner drew it, draw it out.
Now take what ever focus, and add minor details that make it your own.
give it a new hairstyle, add a new object, add a ton of scribbles.
Just do it.
Came out like a cat's Ass? GOOD.
Came out good? GOOD.
The key here is to step back and say, "God this sucks!" then draw something else and look at what you hate most.
Hate how you drew the table?
Draw another different table.
Hate the hairstyle?
Draw another hairstyle.
Now for your current art.
You need to use more solid lines, and a larger canvas.
At a minimum double the  size you will be working at.
8x11 -> 16x22
then when you post the image reduce it to 8x11 this makes an image look much better.
Also use a higher DPi around 300 or so.
The reason you are not improving because you are only copying and then holding yourself to the standard of the original image.
From now try a few original pieces.
You seem to have the beginnings of your own style with each drawing I see so start from there.
Stop hating what you have, and run with it.
I can review some images for you, if you'd like.
DelphineApollo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I'm not noticing any improvement. If anything I might actually be getting worse. I've been doing this for 9 years as well. Spent 3 of those years at a community college and 4 at a state college. Between the semesters there I took classes at a couple of other places. It was pretty awful. All they did was compliment my work and dodge my questions. I'm just tired of it.
Well I have most of the books on your list. Here is what I have been through so far:
Sorry but, the loomis books are far too difficult for me to understand or work though. I can't understand what I'm suppose to do with them. Attempting to follow is impossible and all I can attempt is make really poor copies of drawings inside. Anything else that would be less complicated and have alot more steps in it? I need something that is tons of more detailed.

Right now I'm being told the opposite. If I keep trying to complete things It's not going to help. Right now I spend varying amounts of time of things and it does not appear to be helping. Examples:
21 Hours:
40 Hours:
9 Hours:
Pretty awful. These days I'm trying to limit myself to about 1 to 3 hours maximum. No more than that since I don't seem to learn a single thing from spending tons of hours on a terrible drawing.

My usual steps consist of attempting to get the proportions of the subject down, then attempting to place basic 3 dimensional shapes within the proportioned areas. Usually it falls apart here. I can measure 5 times and come back with 6 different measurements. The angles usually end up pointing in the wrong way so things end up being out of place. It just gets worse as things go on. These days I no longer consider even doing shading since it doesn't fix the initial mistakes in the drawing and color is a bad idea too at this rate.

I would like to learn how to draw characters, cityscapes and vehicles. However drawing something poorly (like everything in my gallery) counts as drawing something I hate.

My current goals are to understand perspective. Learn basic construction and hopefully get proportions right.

I don't want to run with what I have or own it. I hate every single thing about it. I don't want anything to do with what I have created. I would rather just mimic someone else's style. 
FatherLuna Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
After reviewing your gallery and your problems for a while, I have concluded that your main problem is that you are starting at Point H when you should be at Point A.
I want you take everything that you're doing so far and throw it out the window.
[If you hate what you have, why keep it?]
Let's start anew.
So I will guide you with a semi-tutorial that will help.
Got it? Do it. It'll help.
We're going to go step by step.
So you say your goals are characters, cityscapes and vehicles... correct?
Alright before we begin I would like for you to take a moment and search for the styles you want to mimic. 
Give me a couple images that you really love in art styles you'd like to do one day.
Kids who like anime draw like anime, kids who like cartoons tend to draw their favorite cartoons [ kids being the term for "new artist" not age]
People who want to paint like Leonardo copy his paintings.
We will start with people first.
Once I figure what style you would like to draw in, we will start from there.
firefox2171 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much for joining us at :iconall-art-appraisal: La la la la
We're glad to have you and your awesome art, and hope you'll love the group!
DelphineApollo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Ummm "awesome"..? I'm kind of worried I may have picked the wrong place.
firefox2171 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Photographer
Why would you say that?
DelphineApollo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I'm looking for harsh critique, not praise.
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AliceSacco Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
A question that is partially related to drawing: How do you think? When you plan to do something, do you prefer to use internal monologues (example 'now I need to go out for a walk') or you prefer to picture yourself going toward the door, then exit from your home like a movie?
Do you imagine when you read? Different natural way of think require different approach on drawing.
DelphineApollo Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Most of the time when I'm drawing I'll say something like
"This looks wrong but how?"
"Where did I go wrong?"
"How do I fix this?"
"Why does this look so different than the source image"
As for doing things, pretty much the same way; Planning out routes I usually say things in a mechanical manner (Turn left on 11th street, Turn Right onto the Interstate)
Sometimes I imagine what I suppose to do while I'm reading the drawing books but, most of the time I'll simply try to copy the images in them when i'm unable to get a grip on what I'm suppose to do.
AliceSacco Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
Is not exactly what I asked for.
I asked 'do you imagine?'

when you read a book, or an article of a journal, do pictures run in your head like a movie?
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